Bye, Bye DiGA: Sarah leaves the Team

Before anyone assumes that the project is already over, I should be clear: the DiGA project still runs for a few months, until the beginning of 2024. Nevertheless, it’s already time for the first farewell. I have been a member of the team from the very beginning in the position of student research assistant and I will be leaving the project at the end of August. It is difficult for me to say goodbye, because I have grown very fond of DiGA.

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What is it like to be a student assistant in the DiGA project?

When – more than a year ago – the DiGA project was launched, I also embarked on my journey as a student research assistant. At that time, I was still at the beginning of my Master programme in Religious Studies at CERES. An important side note to my involvement in the DiGA project is that I am not an archaeologist, an art historian, or a digital humanist. Indeed, I completed my Bachelor’s degree in Social Science and Religious Studies, cultivating a keen interest in South Asian religions that precedes and goes beyond the DiGA project. Therefore, this experience in the project offers me the possibility to get a practical taste of my chosen field: bridging historical topics with a contemporary context.

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